Aviotrace Nepal School of technology conducts seminar on EASA Aircraft engineering

Aviotrace Nepal school of technology successfully conducted seminar on studying aircraft engineering in Nepal. The newly established institution held the seminar in its facility at Mid-Baneshwor on 30th July, 2018 which was attended by young aviation enthusiasts.  Aviotrace Nepal is a co-location of Swiss company Aviotrace Swiss.

The seminar was mainly focused in counseling between the host and students over learning European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) based aircraft engineering. The seminar was mainly focused on EASA Part 66 which is based on getting Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) and provided brief knowledge about prospectus of EASA part 66. The seminar also provided knowledge about Aerospace Engineering and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME).

Furthermore, discussion on EASA part 145 and part 147 was also conducted and availability of studying about them.

The institution is said to be acquiring EASA certificate by coming September and will be commencing classes on the topic afterwards. The institution is providing EASA PART 66 CAT B 1.1,CAT B1.3 and CAT B2 classes and Examinations for the first time in South Asia.

The institution also features Jetstream 41 aircraft in its facility for live practical learning along with well-facilitated classrooms, practical workshop and proficient instructors.

The next seminar is scheduled on 15th August, 2018. Interested individuals are requested to contact Aviotrace Nepal School of Technology.

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