Balewa Airport remains out of operation for nearly 2 months

Balewa airport which came into operation after two and half decade has been out of operation for nearly 2 months. The scheduled flight of Balewa airport which was started in March,2018 has been closed within 4 months.

Due to the lack of aircraft and passengers, the flight operation of Balewa airport has been disrupted. Earlier, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) and Tara Air conducted flights to Balewa airport.
The flight operations have been closed as the aircraft of NAC is under the repair and maintenance while Tara air’s aircraft witnessed the incident at Humla.

Tara Air issued official notice about failing to conduct flights in June, July and August months. Altogether 25 flights have been operated to Balewa airport by both airlines. Parbat-Baglung Municipality reimbursed worth Rs 5, 14,400 to the corporation for 13 flights whereas Rs 5, 65,000 to Tara Air for 12 flights.

According to the source, Tara Air has informed to resume its operations from next June month of 2019 whereas the corporation has not given certainty to resume its operation.

There should be at least 24 passengers on the aircraft’s two-way flight and in case of Municipality fails to meet the target they have to compensate remaining passengers fare at the rate of 6,795 NRs per person according to the agreement.

Though Baglung Municipality has been providing 20 lakhs rupees in advance to the Airlines companies they are recovering the fare amount flying vacant aircraft. Hence public representatives have criticized stating they are emptying the finance.

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