BB Airways’ Boeing 757 creates complication at TIA


The Nepalese private international carrier BB Airways now has faced a burden to park its Boeing 757 aircraft inside the premises of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

According to the source, the aircraft now has been parked at approach path of Helicopter inbound North-West of Eastern Helipad, Tribhuvan International Airport. The aircraft has been creating a hazard at TIA. It can disrupt helicopter operation in an emergency situation.

Previously, On November 2016 when crashed Turkish Airlines Airbus A330 ‘TC-JOC’ was placed at the Helipad it produced some difficulties for helicopter operation. Shree Airlines AS350 B3e Helicopter during back-head take-off, unfortunately, encountered tailstrike at the ground followed by the crack on the lower vertical fin of the tail portion.

The Helicopter at that moment could have crashed or it could have collided with the giant Airbus nearby. Though the incident turned out not dangerous it had all the potential to be a perilous one.

On March 6, 2018, the corporation’s engineering department and Airside Management Division of the airport under the verbal understanding agreed to move the aircraft on the isolated parking located near the eastern helipad of TIA.

But TIA on March 9, 2018, had issued an ultimatum to remove the parked aircraft from isolated parking back to NAC Hangar before 6:00 PM (Local Time). However, the aircraft was parked at the international parking bay.

According to NAC, BB Airways monthly accumulated fee for parking, insurance and other types of fees could hover to around NRs 3 million.

The Boeing 757, named Karnali with the registration 9N-ACA, was sold to Bhawan Bhatta, Managing Director of BB Airways, for $1.46 million in December last year.

BB Airways, however, has got its license renewed. Though the airline committed to begin its service from 2012 after receiving operation approval but could not continue due to the unavailability of aircraft which then led to the termination of Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). The license which needs to be revised and renewed every 2 years had not been done.


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