BB Airways faces problem to park its Boeing 757; creates complication at TIA


The Nepalese private international carrier BB Airways now has faced a burden to park its Boeing 757 aircraft inside the premises of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) had sent a letter on 18th February asking to remove the aircraft within one week. However, the airline failed to remove its aircraft within a week and asked for an extension of one month.

On March 6, the corporation engineering department and Airside Management Division of the airport under the verbal understanding agreed to move the aircraft on the isolated parking located near the eastern helipad of TIA, said NAC Spokesperson Mr. Rabindra Shrestha.

TIA today has issued an ultimatum to remove the parked aircraft from isolated parking back to NAC Hangar before 6:00 PM (Local Time), said TIA Spokesperson Mr. Premnath Thakur.

NAC Engineering Director, K. B. Thapa acknowledged the statement to Aviation Nepal that as per today’s verbal understanding between Airside Management Division and corporation, the aircraft will be moved back from isolated parking to Airport International Parking Bay No 11 ( near Yard Bay).

Spokesperson for NAC had also stated that the aircraft now had become burden to both Corporation and the airport management to handle it. The aircraft itself had made the Hangar Premises congested and difficult to park their newly acquired two Chinese aircraft.

He also said the BB Airways presently is not on the contact with the corporation which had created a major problem between the officials. According to NAC, BB Airways monthly accumulated fee for parking, insurance and other types of fees could hover to around NRs 3 million.

The airline, which has applied for international flying license at the Tourism Ministry, has requested for the extension after NAC wrote on February 18 to remove the aircraft from its hangar at Tribhuvan International Airport. The carrier was given February 27 deadline to remove the aircraft.

The Boeing 757, named Karnali with the registration 9N-ACA, was sold to Bhawan Bhatta, Managing Director of BB Airways, for $1.46 million in December last year. The carrier, promoted by Bhatta, currently the president of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), had launched services to Kuala Lumpur in October 2012, but ceased operations after a few months.

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