Belavia 737-800 made an emergency landing at Moscow

Belavia Boeing 737-800 made an emergency landing at Moscow Domodedovo Airport today at 11:46 local time.

As per Russian news agency TASS, Belvia Boeing 737-800 flight number B29215 flying from Belarus to Antalya divert to Moscow after a problem in one of the engine. A flight with 197 passengers and seven crew members was flying near the Ukrainian airspace, and the captain observed the SOS signal.

At initially, the crew seemed to have been preparing to land at Voronezh. However, they were required to burn much more fuel for a safe landing. As such, the aircraft then proceeded at a lower altitude towards Domodedovo Airport, which is situated 36 kilometers to the south of Moscow.

Another flight (with registration EW-456PA) has been managed to carry the passengers from Moscow to Antalya .

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