Best Time To Travel Puerto Rico? Here’s What You Need To Know!

The best time to go to Puerto Rico is during the early summer, from mid-April to June; after the busy winter season and before the monsoon season, the weather still remains warm, and the travel rate drops. The island is also pleasant throughout the spring, the temperature barely crossing the mid-80s on most days. Similarly, the falls are also a more economically best time to go to Puerto Rico; however, travelers should be aware that the island’s unpredictable hurricane season is the period.

best time to go to puerto rico
Photo from Discover Puerto Rico

Although the island is fantastic throughout the year, the best time may depend on what kind of adventure the travelers are looking for. The best weather being winter, is one of the most high-tourist seasons in the region and is pretty crowded and expensive throughout the season.

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Here we have created a list of weather, travel season, price differences, festivals, and events throughout the year in Puerto Rico so you can pick the best time for yourself to visit the beautiful beach island. 

High Season: December-March

During the high winter seasons throughout December to April, the island is crowded with a high number of tourists, especially in the walled city of Old San Juan, where it may be hard for visitors to find hotels for under  $100 per night. Generally, many Americans flee to the Caribbean island to flee the cold and enjoy the sun, sand, surf, and festivals on the exotic island. Travelers looking forward to relishing the holiday seasons on the island and don’t mind the higher room rates will have plenty of company with a large inflow of tourists.

best time to go to puerto rico

Festivals and events like Día de Año Nuevo(New Year’s Day) in January, followed by harvest festival Maricao Coffee Festival, San Blas de Illescas Half Marathon event in February are some of the most renowned occasions in the exotic beach islands. The island also hosts other festivals and events like Día de Los Reyes (Three Kings Day), Carnaval, and Semana Santa Nochebuena (December), Fiesta de Los Reyes Magos (January), San Sebastián Street Festival (January), Fiesta del Acabe del Café (February).

Puerto Rico Open (February), Casals Festival (February-March), Ponce Carnaval(March), Día Nacional de la Zalsa (March), Taste of Rum (March) during the peak December-March season. 

Shoulder Season: mid-April-June and September-mid-December

During the spring season, the weather in the Caribbean island still remains warm and breezy, and having most of the high-season winter tourists returned home. With the gradual decrease in the number of tourists, even the 4-Stars hotels of the walled city start offering rooms for less than $200 per night. Regarded as the best time to go to Puerto Rico, mid-April signifies the end of the busy winter tourist season on the island. Although the season kicks off with rainy days, it offers tourists a pleasant and lively atmosphere with many festivals, live music, and street foods throughout Puerto Rico.

During May, the high temperature can reach up to  87 °F and as lows as 76 °F, June being one of the hottest seasons on the island, with temperatures rising as high as 89 °F and an average low of 76 ° F. The cost of travel during the spring season on the island is lowered throughout the month of May. As the cost is relatively lower during the month, it attracts cost-conscious travelers throughout the season. However, the slightly hotter season doesn’t mean the Caribbean island isn’t any fun; in fact, one of the best jazz festivals in the Caribbean, the Heineken Ventana al Jazz Festival occurs during this month. The travelers can also enjoy other events and festivals like Jose De Diego Day(April), La Campechada(May), Festival de la  Piña Paradisíaca and Noche de San Juan in June.and many more.  So, if you are looking for a cost-efficient travel plan without missing out on any fun, the mid-April-June season is the best time to go to Puerto Rico.

best time to go to puerto rico

Similarly, during the September-mid-December season, the fall in the tropics is ideal with reasonable airfare and room rates. Travelers can book resorts at the famous beach destinations at approximately $150 per night and even below $100 if travelers are not picky about the ocean views. October has a temperature of as high as 88 °F and an average of 75 °F; although it is known as a hurricane season, travelers could score major cheaper deals in hotels and resorts. The hurricane season continues throughout November though the temperature begins to cool slightly continuously throughout the dry December. The September-mid-December shoulder season is also quite packed with events and festivals like concerts at Plaza Darsenas, Puerto Rican music and dance at Le Lo Lai Festival, Nacional Indígena, Puerto Rico Discovery Day, Puerto Rico Cocktail Week, and many more. 

Low Season: July-September 

Throughout the July-September season, the temperature is in high 80°F, with still chances of hurricanes. Besides the probable hurricanes in the Caribbean region, the official off-season hotels offer the customer some of the best deals. This season is an ideal deal for budget travelers without having to fight or wait in a queue for restaurant reservations or refreshing time at the pool. Gambling during the hurricane season might not be that big deal as it offers slow-paced exploring opportunities without missing the fun-adventure part. The major highlights of this season are the Aibonito Flower Festival, Luis Munoz Rivera’s Birthday, The Festival of Saint James, International Billfish Tournament, including other events and festivals. The August season in Puerto Rico is one of the wetter months with an average high temperature up to 89 °F and an average low temperature of 76 °F. Although depending on the weather, your exploration and mood may be a bit dampened, but on a clear day, the vacation will certainly be worth it. So, suppose you are looking for a cost-efficient travel plan at the Caribbean beach destination. In that case, the low-season July-September may offer you a complete package at a reasonable price. Besides, on bad-weather days, travelers won’t miss out on the exploration of the exotic beach destination at very profitable deals. Thus, the low season might be the best time to go to Puerto Rico if you are looking for a low-cost holiday package.

Is It Safe In Post-Pandemics World?

Like other years, travel hasn’t been that easy after the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus globally. But, in the current situation, when the nations are gradually easing on the travel bans, the famous American holiday destination has been anticipated to receive a large number of tourists. So on the assurance part, how safe is spending your holidays in Puerto Rico?

As part of US territory, the American travelers don’t even need passports to access the Caribbean beach paradise; however, the Peurto state has implemented policies and regulations to control the spread of the virus. Like the rest of the world, the state employed curfews, social distancing rules, and mandatory mask requirements to combat the pandemics. As Puerto Rico is a jurisdiction of the US, it mandates the new updated health policies and regulations authorized by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) to any person traveling to the state. So, the travelers looking for exciting adventures in the beach paradise follow health protocols and travel restrictions motioned by the US authorities to be updated with the ongoing travel situation, so travelers can decide their best time to go to Puerto Rico depending on those circumstances. 

Generally, the travelers need to get tested before the arrival and self-isolate if they develop the symptoms of Covid-19 with the compulsory requirement of wearing face masks all the time in public. Washing hands frequently, sanitizing high touch surfaces, maintaining safe distance during the travel or interaction, and obligatory need for completing Travel Declaration Form are some additional safety rules that are required to be followed by the travelers in Puerto Rico. 

And, the children above two years and everyone who haven’t received full-dose vaccination against the Covid-19 with Moderna, Pfizer, or Janssen vaccines are required to provide a report of negative molecular or antigen test for Covid-19 taken within 72 hours prior to their arrival at Puerto Rico. Also, any passengers who fail to bring a PCR test report for Covid-19 at the arrival in Puerto Rico are assessed a $300 fine. However, they won’t be liable for the fine if the travelers can present a test or evidence that a PCR test was performed within 48 hours of arrival. 

Puerto Rico

With the vibrant environment, fresh air, open spaces, and just simply mesmerizing natural beauty from warm and breezy beaches and seashores to scenic green hiking trails and mountaintops, the Caribbean paradise never fails to amuse every kind of traveler. At just a three-hour distance flight from Miami, the US’s sweet vacation hub entertains every kind of traveler, from calm, clearwater adventures for families to 20-foot high waves for the adrenaline junkies seeking a kick. With the majestic mix of landscapes from serpentine jungles of El Yunque to the beautiful beaches Condado and Crash boat, the Caribbean paradise also offers ferry rides to the secluded island of Vieques and Culebra that lets visitors get in touch with mother nature away from the noisy and busy city life.

Although the paradise island gives a content travel experience in every corner, here are few things you shouldn’t miss if you ever go to Puerto Rico.

1. Beaches and Watersports

When you are spending your time at a beach paradise, you certainly can’t miss the beach explorations and watersports adventures. The island offers every kind of watersports from kayaking, snorkeling to scuba diving, stand-up paddleboarding, and many more. Not only that, each beach in Puerto Rico has something unique to offer to travelers, like the Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay taht emits a blue glow from the organism called dinoflagellates in its water during the night. Other beach destinations like Flamenco beach is perfect for a pleasant time with families and water sports, Sun Bay(Vieques) know for chalky sands and serene vantage point, Condado beach for sun-lovers and watersports enthusiasts, including Crash Boat beach for sunbathers, outdoor sports, scuba divers and daredevils who love to jump into the water from high points. 

Beaches at Puerto Rico Photo by: estadespr

2. Rich Culture

Besides its exotic landscapes and watersports, the Caribbean beach beauty is also quite famous for the rich, beautiful culture that immerses travelers into the time they visit. The delightful festivals that keep on going throughout the year, alluring tradition, arts, and music don’t leave out any void in the travel experience of the visitors. Check out the list of festivals celebrated in the above high-season and low-season list so you can choose your best time to go to Puerto Rico to immense in the celebration of that festival.

Similarly, the island’s long-lasting relationship with art and music turns the head of travelers in every corner. From the historical views in the museum to galleries, street murals, and music events, the beautiful Caribean beach paradise offers a lot of opportunities to learn about the island’s colorful culture and history, especially, the Ponce and  Bayamón have more exhibitions of local artwork, painting, and hand-crafted figurines, the perfect souvenir to take back home. 

3. Outdoor Activities 

The beautifully diverse landscaped beach paradise offers some of the best picture-perfect hikes and exploration opportunities. El Yunque National Forest, the only tropical forest in the US’s National Forest System, is a favorite hub for travelers who love outdoor adventures; the travelers can hike, just relax surrounded by the mesmerizing beauty, or set out on zipline adventures at the Tropical Zipline park. Travelers looking more for exotic outdoor adventure can also tag along with ATV adventure tours, guided hiking with waterfall tours or those looking for simple, peaceful adventure can join the day sails, boat rides, or sunset sails to feel like one with nature.

4. Nightlife

No matter in which corners the travelers are staying, the Caribbean holiday hub always has a place to go dancing, drink, and have an amazing nightlife in every corner. Several street celebrations are held throughout the island, and especially the La Placita de Santurce, which turns into a hot outdoor club during the night so the travelers can dance the night away. Similarly, the Condado’s upscale region boasts an amazing vibrant nightlife with the best bars, lounges, and rooftop restaurants. The O: live Boutique’s rooftop bar, Condal tapas also provide incredible views of the city and nightlife.

Night live at Puerto Rico : photo from Discover Puerto Rico

Likely the travelers looking for a simple night out can head to the west coast for some of the best beach bars on the island to enjoy the peaceful serenity of the night. 

5. Luxurious Services

The Caribbean beach paradise just doesn’t host some of the most amazing events, music, art, and culture, but it is also quite well-known for offering world-class luxurious services to its guests. The award-winning five-star hotels or resorts in the beach paradise present grand, lush, exclusives services indulged in the beach destination’s vibrant exotic beauty.

The travelers can enjoy the deluxe dining nights, unique spa, opulent boutiques including shopping at San Juan, relaxing beachside accommodations, VIP lounges, ocean-spa, and aerial beach view at the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort.

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