Bhadrapur Airport out of operation for fifth day following adverse weather conditions

Bhadrapur Airport also known as Chandragadhi Airport has remained out of operation since four days following adverse weather conditions in Jhapa.

Air passengers have not been able to reach their destinations due to prevailing bad weather as they have been forced to take other alternatives after Bhadrapur Airport has been out of service.

Airport official Mr. Dilip Rajbanshi reported Aviation Nepal that the bad weather has been constant and it is unable to predict the improvement of weather for resuming airport operation. Previously, the airport had remained closed for 16 days in year 2069 BS so it is very hard to say when the airport will resume its operation, he added.

The airport requires 5000 m of visibility for safe flight operation however, in the winter season, there has been only 2000 m of visibility due to the heavy haze and mist that has been obstructing flights.

Airlines are having harsh time in maintaining on-time performance due to increasing flight delays and even cancellations as the adverse weather keeps on preventing flight operations.

Yeti Airlines apologizing for flight delays on  social site 

One thousand passengers have been affected daily due to such weather. Mostly the airports at Terai region have been unable to operate at its fullest at this winter season due to presence of thick layer of fog.

Buddha Air, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), Saurya Airlines, Yeti Airlines and Shree Airlines operate in this airport but have not been able to conduct their flights. Daily 8 to 10 flights have been operating in the Kathmandu-Bhadrapur-Kathmandu based route.

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