Bharatpur Airport enhances security with the beginning of new year

Bharatpur Airport security system has been strengthened for safe flow of air passengers with the starting of the new year 2075.

Pawan Gautam, head of the Bharatpur airport stated that the procedure for adopting international standards related to air security, law and regulations is in progress for theAirport.

“Various sector will be announced prohibited areas of airport and the security check will be conducted strictly, he added.

As per the information, the parking bays, terminal buildings, control towers, runway has been announced the prohibited areas of the airport. Similarly, required devices, equipment, buildings, roads and facilities, and terminals are also prohibited.

The passengers will be allowed to enter the prohibited area with entry pass on the basis of the required documents and flight documents. The VIP section will be available to the high ranked officials only.

The Bharatpur Civil Aviation Authority has also recommended the metropolis to demolish parts of high-rise buildings, which have raised concerns among aviation authorities over potential risks they could pose to fight safety around the airport premises’.

The tall apartment buildings of ‘Unique Colony’ near the airport are imposing a major threat to all the aircraft approaching and taking off from this airport. A total of 257 houses near the airport premises are reported to have been built against the house building regulation of Nepal Government. Those houses are imposing the threat as well as a barrier for extension of the runway. The authorized authorities have not initiated any legal attempt against those builders.

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