Bharatpur Airport generates considerable revenue this year

Bharatpur Airport located at State 3 serving Chitwan has gained more revenue in the current fiscal year compared to the last fiscal year as the smooth air service attracted more air passengers.

According to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), the airport earned Rs 2, 30, 29,062 revenue in 2073/74 whereas Rs 2, 88, 00,097 is the revenue recorded in 2074/75.

Pawan Kumar Gautam, chief of the airport stated that Rs 1,96,28,494 revenue was collected in 2073/74 while Rs 2,45,40,932 revenue is earned in the current fiscal year. In the previous year, night aircraft parking revenue was Rs11, 475 in 2073/74 whereas Rs 22,687revenue is collected in 2074/75. He said that Chitwan election and road upgrading project result in the increase of air passengers.

Apart from this, the travel of VIP to and fro the Bharatpur Airport has increased its positive impact on the airport’s income. However, the airport management is facing difficulty during the VIP travel as lots of visitors enter the airport.

In the previous year, the airport earned Rs. 18,02,902 from the flight expenses, while the total income generated in the current year is Rs 22,88,010. Similarly, in the previous year, the total revenue was Rs. 4,50,725 from airfare and Rs. 5,72,039 is earned in the present year.

Likewise, the airport has earned Rs 1,80,290 from Security in last year and Rs 2,28,801 is earned in the present fiscal year.

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