Bharatpur Airport prepares new protocols for strengthening security

New planning have been made to further strengthen the security at Bharatpur Airport in Chitwan.

Pawan Kumar Gautam, manager of Bharatpur Airport stated the security of the airport will be enhanced as per the new planning from Baisakh, 2074.

The information was provided after the discussion between stakeholders, party representatives and journalists about Bharatpur Airport on Wednesday.

As per the information, the deputy ministers, ministers and party officials at the airport will be provided with Airport Entry Pass (AEP) on the basis of recommendations of the respective party and a maximum of 10 people will be allowed to enter the airport.

Likewise, only a maximum of 7 individuals will be allowed to enter the airport during the arrival of VIPs who is attending a program with the recommendations from the organizer.

The airport has planned to remove the CIP (Commercially Important Person) class and the class will be transformed into waiting room for disabled, breastfeeding and old people.

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