Bharatpur Airport to introduce Baggage X-ray machine after 57 years of operation

After 57 years of operation, Bharatpur Airport for the first time will be facilitated with the supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of hold baggage inspection X-Ray Machine. The introduction of X-Ray Machine will definitely boost the security standards of the airports to some extent.

Bharatpur Airport gained more revenue in the current fiscal year compared to the last fiscal year as the smooth air service attracted more air passengers. According to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), the airport earned NRs. 23,029,062 revenue in 2073/74 and progressive amount of NRs. 28,800,097 revenue was recorded in 2074/75.

However, Bharatpur Airport which started its operation from March 5, 1961 still lacks adequate and efficient airport infrastructures.

Pawan Gautam, Chief of Bharatpur airport stated that Bharatpur airport will inaugurate the machine from February, 2019. “After the X-ray machine comes into operation, it will not take a long time to check the passenger baggage”, said Gautam. Presently, the airport officials have been checking the baggage in the absence of proper equipment”.

He also said that an arrangement is being made to facilitate the airport with Fire Vehicle and Fire fighter group within this fiscal year. It has also been planning to overlay the runway and to expand parking bay of Bharatpur airport located at Chitwan for which a tender has already been called. The expansion of the runway and parking bay of Bharatpur airport will be initiated from January 29, 2019.

1200 meters long and 30 meters wide runway could be extend by adding 300 meters, said Gautam. After completion of extension work of parking bay, 4 ATR-72 aircraft can be parked at a time. Presently, 4 Beech craft aircraft can be parked at a time. The Army barrack and settlement area near to the airport zone can create obstacles to expand the airport.

Bharatpur airport conducts 24 flights daily where 1000 air passengers take services. Yeti Airlines, Simrik Airlines and Buddha Air have been conducting flights from Bharatpur to Pokhara and Kathmandu.

Dhangadhi, Simara and Bhadrapur are among the airports that have been facilitated with X-Ray Scanners recently.

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