Bharatpur runway renovation process pacing up

The runway overlaying process of Bharatpur airport which had been delayed due to lack of budget has been resumed.

Bharatpur airport had been undergoing various work of improving physical infrastructure and management of equipment more than past couple of months. However, the work of ‘runway overlay’ was delayed due to lack of budget.

Now the work of overlaying the runway has begun after the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) provided around 90 million rupees for the project. The runway of the airport is being overlaid after 17 years.

Official from the airport stated that the airport runway has to be refurbished every 10 years. The work of Bharatpur airport runway had been delayed as CAAN had to make budget for every airport in the country he added.

The 1200 long runway blacktop is being overlaid by around 6 centimeter thick and the contractor company has stated to complete the work by end of June.

Alongside, work of parking bay is also being carried out simultaneously. Currently only 4 small aircraft or 2 big aircraft can be parked at a time.

The airport is being operated from morning 9:30 till 3 in the evening during the renovation time.

Presently, the Jetstream 41 aircraft of Yeti airlines, Beechcraft 1900C aircraft of Simrik Airlines and ATR 42 series aircraft of Buddha Air having regular scheduled flights in Bharatpur airport have been impacted. Daily 15 landings have been recorded at the airport by airlines like Yeti, Buddha and Simrik Airlines.

The airport which started its service since 1961 has been experiencing momentous growth in air traffic these days and the airport has become narrower after significant increase in air traffic, urbanization and lack of sufficient land infrastructure.

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