Bhojpur Airport suffered flights interruption for five days

Bhojpur Airport suffered flights interruption for five days

15 April 2016 – The operations of Bhojpur airport in Taskar of the eastern hilly district  have been interrupted since past few days due to which all the flight operations have been halted.

It has been reported that massive cross winds, haze and mist covering the valley have severely affected the operation of the Bhojpur airport which results in the shutdown of operation of any flights taking off and landing in the airport.

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The report also informs the winds up to 30 knots varying from 16 knots. Gusts and change of wind velocity make airplanes hard to fly in this zone and in addition the haze and mist have reduced the visibility around the airport to minimum because of which it is impossible for any aircraft to land there. This situation has traumatized the flights and the mist adds to more severity to the weather condition in the airport since last two days.

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The airport had shut down for any flight operations from Sunday till yesterday. Bhojpur Airport with ICAO sign VNBJ is located at elevation of 4,000 feet (1,219 meter) and has one runway (17/35) of length 1,749 feet (533 meter). Nepal Airlines operates 4 flight a week from Kathmandu to Bhojpur and 2 flights from Bhojpur to Biratnagar a week. Similarly Tara Air operates 1 flight a week on Thursday from Kathmandu to Bhojpur and Bhojpur to Kathmandu. The airfare of Kathmandu-Bhojpur sector is Rs. 4,110/- for Nepal Airlines and Rs. 5,005/- for Tara Air respectively including all the taxes. Similarly, the fare for Nepal Airlines flight from Bhojput to Biratnagar is Rs. 2310/- including all taxes.

Photo Credit and Infromation Source : Narayan Puri
Station chief (bhojpur station)
Nepal airlines

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