Biratnagar Airport recovering from mass water; likely to re-operate soon

Biratnagar Airport was hit by continuous and heavy rain and was submerged by the unruly flood. The aerodrome of Biratnagar Domestic Airport had completely been under the water resulted by the excessive rain compelling the airport to shut down. The heavy water mass occupying the airport province had also resulted in airlines to cancel their scheduled flights to the airport.

Previously entire domestic airline operators had dispatched the notice regarding their cancellation of flights to the airport on 12 August. The cancellation was active from the date, however; the increasing flood level has now dropped down.

An ATC operator from the airport reported Aviationnepal that the decreasing order of the rain has now dropped the level of occupied water level at the airport. The runway and the aerodrome along with the terminal are currently under mud brought by the flood. Till yesterday the water level at the airport surface was above two feet from the ground which has now disappeared but the entire runway, apron, and terminal is covered with mud brought by the rain, he reported.

The airport authorities have planned to clear up the mud and prepare the airport for flight operation. Authorities have planned to start the operation most probably from 16 August after the complete disposal of the mud and water.

The airport lastly had landed Jetstream of Yeti on 11 August evening and now will only be conducting flight operation under Visual Flight Rules by 16 August, he added.

At normal days Biratnagar airport conducts around 12-20 flights both charter and commercial making it one of the busiest in the region.

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