Biratnagar Airport resumes IFR flight operation

Biratnagar Regional Airport busiest domestic airport of Nepal after TIA has resumed its flight operation with Instrument flight rules (IFR). The airport had started operating flights with IFR from 31st Bhadra.

According to an official from Biratnagar Airport, the authorities from the airport after the successful inspection of the runway lighting and IFR equipment had approved to start flights through IFR.

Previously the airport was compelled to conduct flights only through Visual Flight Rules (VFR) due to the damage of lighting and airport equipment made by floods.

Except the X-Ray scanning machine entire equipment along with runway lighting system has already been mended and is currently in operation, reported an official from the airport.

Before the airport was severely affected by the monsoon flood and was fully submerged by heavy mass of water and mud. Submerging water and mud mass collected after the rain had infected major equipment at the airport province.

The excessive amount of rainfall had badly hit the airport causing it to shut down for 8 days duration which is now recovered.  Biratnagar Airport is a significant hub for domestic travelers with

Biratnagar Airport is a significant hub for domestic travelers with the maximum number of passengers takes off and lands at the airport regularly making it second busiest airport in the nation.

The runway at the airport after the recovery of its equipment is now equipped with modern lightening system which makes it capable of handling night flying too. The runways are equipped with both approach lights and runway lights.

Taxiways and aprons at the airport too are equipped with Taxiway lights and apron lighting system. Presently the majority of domestic airliners including national flag carrier conduct regular scheduled flights to the airport.



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