Biratnagar Airport submerged due to heavy rainfall; Airlines cancel their flight

Continuous and heavy rainfall has hit the Terai Region resulting unruly flooding. The aerodrome of Biratnagar Domestic Airport has completely been filled with water and is shut down until the situation improves. Due to the reason, entire airline operators have canceled their scheduled flights to the airport.

All of the airline operators have dispatched the notice regarding their cancellation of flights to the airport. Previously, the cancellation was scheduled to be active until today, however; the worsening situation of flooding has compelled airlines to postpone their flights.

Buddha Air informed, “Due to heavy rainfall causing the flood at Biratnagar Airport, we regret to announce that flights are canceled for 14 & 15 August 2017. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.”

Likewise, Yeti Airlines also dispatched their notice about the cancellation of flights to Biratnagar till 15th of August, 2017. Saurya Airlines on the other hand also expressed their apology for being unable to conduct flights to Biratnagar Airport for 14th and 15th August. Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has also canceled their flights to the airport until further announcement.

The airport authority said the Biratnagar airport’s arrival and departure zones along with ramp and runway were flooded by the Friday downpour. Only Shree Airlines Bombardier CRJ-200 ‘9N-AMA’ remains grounded at the airport after proving flight on August 4, 2017.

At normal days Biratnagar airport conducts around 12-20 flights both charter and commercial making it one of the busiest in the region which today has no flights operating due to Airport Flooding.

Nepal Army Heli service has been active in the disaster zone, however; the citizens of Terai have been experiencing harsh situation following heavy rainfall with continuous flooding.


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