Black Cloud Surrounds Nepal Airlines Corporation

Black Cloud Surrounds Nepal Airlines Corporation
Nepal Airlines, flag carrier of Nepal, was founded in 1958 A.D. Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) used to have 20 aircrafts in its fleet for the provision of services to the passengers. NAC had 4 Jets, 3 Avro, 10 Twin-otters and 3 Pilatus Porter but at present only 7 are in operation. NAC has faced such scenario because of political interference, Instability inside the corporation, corruption and so on .

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Currently, NAC is on the way of failure rather than on the way of success and prosperity. Day by day with the increase in political interference and corruption, possibilities of NAC to be privatised have increased alot which will affect Nepal’s pride. Recently, NAC Managing Director (MD) Madan Kharel has resigned from his post due to improper environment to work and political pressure. Several political powers are engaged in decreasing the efficiency of NAC.
It has been reported that MD Mr. Kharel resigned from his post due to pressure from Deepak Chandra Amatya, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. Mr. Deepak had asked for commission of NAC’s brand new aircraft Airbus 320 that was bought a month ago and he even directed NAC to employ his 40 people as well as he decided to handle NAC by Lufthansa Airline’s Lufthansa consulting .So, the activities of Civil Aviation Minister Mr. Deepak show that he has been involving in leading NAC on the way of darkness.
According to the sources, Former MD kharel pointed out that brand new Airbus 320 was made grounded by some personnel of corporation inorder to make him unsuccessful and to prove that he is incapable of handling NAC. Instead of the increment of the brand value of Nepal Airlines, its in the decreasing trend on the behalf of other Airliners.

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