BlueBird Nordic adding 25 B737 freighters to its fleet

Icelandic cargo airlines Bluebird Nordic has declared its intentions to scale up its fleet to include twenty-five B737-800 freighters to the company’s existing fleet by the end of 2024 as part of an unprecedented and hugely ambitious expansion plan.

Delivery will begin from September 2021

Siggi Agustsson, chief executive and managing director of Avia Solutions Group, said the first B737-800 would be delivered in September 2021, followed by a second in October 2021. The first jet is a B737-800(BCF) LY-FBA (MSN 29788) that recently completed conversion at Taikoo (Shandong) Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (STAECO) in Jinan, and the second is an ex-Turkish Airlines aircraft, MSN 29786, that is currently undergoing P2F conversion in Guangzhou with GAMECO, Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

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Bluebird Nordic cargo Boeing 737-400 TF-BBH photo by WAP photography

One of the key reasons for this exciting new step in the company’s expansion plan, according to Siggi Agustsson, CEO and Managing Director of Bluebird Nordic, is the increased need for freight transportation during the pandemic. B737-800 is expected to become a mainstay of Bluebird Nordic’s growing fleet of modern aircraft.

“The introduction of 25 new B737-800s to our fleet will firmly put Nordic Bluebird at the forefront of the cargo charter industry and comes as part of our existing and comprehensive expansion plan,” stated Siggi Agustsson, CEO of Bluebird Nordic. We proactively respond to our customers’ rising freighter needs, ensuring that we are ready and equipped to service all of their global cargo demands. Bluebird Nordic also wants to build back-offices in Lithuania and Bulgaria after this big expansion.”

The company now operates a fleet of one B737-300 and seven B737-400 full cargo aircraft, but with the latest acquisition, the fleet will rise to thirty-three aircraft, more than tripling its capacity. The 25 new B737-800 aircraft will be a welcome addition to the existing fleet, providing significantly more capacity and overall efficiency in meeting the needs of the company’s clients.

The B737-800 type has a cargo capacity of 4 tons more than the B737-400 variant currently in service, as well as an extra pallet slot on the aircraft’s main deck. Furthermore, the new aircraft’s superior fuel-burn ratio and improved technical reliability will position it as a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option for the company’s cargo customers.

During the interim period, while Bluebird Nordic awaits aircraft conversion and delivery, the aircraft will be used by Avion Express, the leading narrowbody ACMI charter operator and a member of the Avia Solutions Group of companies, for passenger flights during the busy summer season, providing additional capacity and a highly competitive price.

Bluebird Nordic 737-4Y0SF TF-BBH climbing out of ORD on November 1, 2020 photo by John Meneely
Bluebird Nordic 737-4Y0SF TF-BBH climbing out of ORD on November 1, 2020 photo by John Meneely

The Icelandic CAA has granted the airline an EASA AOC. The Icelandic CAA has certified the company as an EASA-145 and EASA Part M Organization. Our maintenance team performs line maintenance up to and including A4 checks.

Bluebird Nordic, a cargo charter service founded in 1999, provides safe and dependable cargo services from its home base in Iceland to over 100 destinations around the world. The company takes pleasure in operating a highly efficient airline that focuses on providing a quick, safe, and cost-effective service to its customers. The airline has the experience and is licensed to transport a wide range of cargo, including fresh fruit.

Who is Bluebird Nordic ?

Bluebird Nordic is part of the Avia Solutions Group, a prominent global aerospace services company with around 100 offices and production facilities throughout the world providing aviation services and solutions. Due to Iceland’s participation in the European Economic Area, Bluebird Nordic is permitted to operate freely within the European Union as an Icelandic airline. Furthermore, Iceland has numerous bilateral agreements with other countries throughout the world, allowing the company to operate services under its own flight numbers if necessary.

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