Boeing 737 Max flew after 20 months from Dallas to Tulsa

Since Wednesday, the Boeing 737 Max, which experienced two big crashes in 2019, resumed operations. After a 45-minute flight from Dallas, Texas, the plane landed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a team of journalists to check that the flight was safe.

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Southwest Airlines plans to acquire new Boeing 737 Max aircraft

American Airlines 737 Max left for Tulsa, Oklahoma, from Dallas. This was a demonstration operation, but it was the first time the public representatives were permitted to travel, although the aircraft was grounded 20 months earlier.

However, first because of the extended grounded and Federal Aviation Administration requirements, its 24 Max aircraft fleet are undertaking intensive maintenance.

American Airlines said that it would make it transparent to passengers when they become booked on a Max and encourage them to change without restriction to another aircraft. It will launch with one regular route from Miami to New York and returning when operation continues on December 29.

Last month, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration authorized the fourth-generation Boeing 737, Max, from Boeing for commercial flights.

After March 2019, Max, which had 189 passengers in Indonesia and 157 in Ethiopia with 346 onboard passengers, has suspended flights worldwide.

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