Boeing 777X, the next-generation aircraft

Boeing is indeed the biggest airline manufacturing company established by American entrepreneur Williams Boeing in 1916. Boeing planes become globally known worldwide, especially B747, which is said to be the queen of the sky. Boeing produces several well-known aircraft such as B737, B777, B787, etc and these aircraft even have different variants including B737-800, B777-200, B787-8, etc. Boeing incorporated their B737 Max series in 2017 and though, due to numerous accidents involving, they seem unable to sparkle in the market. In 2021 Boeing would then launch its Boeing 777X which is also the B777 series aircraft.

Development of B777X

In 2010 Emirates mentioned introducing new aircraft with Boeing to substitute the B777-300ER. In 2011, with several other current technologies and equipment, Boeing designed an aircraft as just an A350. Boeing selected GE9X as the B777X engine which then in 2012 has become the world’s largest and most powerful engine ever manufactured for commercial airliners. They intended to launch B777X in 2018, but it has been postponed attributed to the reason that B737 MAX was under production and the numbers of orders were also too high. Lufthansa became the first airline to have ordered B777X in 2013. Boeing unveiled their flight deck and cockpit through Dubai Airshow. In 2017 Boeing 777X started production in Everett. On 25 January 2020, Boeing 777-9 rendered its maiden flight from Everett to Seattle which was approximately 3 hours 51 minutes.

Boeing 777X
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What’s New?

Boeing 777X resembles the legendary B777 however with jumbo engines and wider wings it is lengthier than B777. The 777X features new GE9X engines, new composite wings with foldable wingtips, increased cabin width, and seating capacity and emerge with the technology of Boeing 787. B777X has the longest wings ever installed in Boeing aircraft with folding wingtips inspired by the military aircraft.

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What is a Prepreg?


The B777X possesses two B777-8 and B777-9 variants. These are the largest twin-engine passenger plane with an optimum seating capacity of 384 in B777-8 and B777-9 with 426. These planes also have long-range including B777-8 which has 16,170 km and B777-9 which has 13,500. Boeing 777X has longer,71.75 m long wings. These wings assist the aircraft to burn less fuel, more lift, strong Aspect Ratio as well as more payloads. Since Boeing using the GE9X engine in B777X, this engine has even more fuel efficiency and far less CO2 gas generated.

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