Boeing Delivers The First Boeing 737 MAX In Ryanair’s Malta Air Livery

The Boeing family has delivered the first-ever aircraft to wear the Malta Air livery to Ryanair; Boeing made the delivery on 14th July 2021. The aircraft bound for the Malta Air departed from the Boeing Field in Seattle at 01:37 and landed in Ryanair’s base, Dublin, at 06:36 p.m after covering approx 4,523 miles in over nine hours. 

The giant airlines’ company had been expecting the delivery of the first of its Boeing 737 MAX 200 variant in April 2019; however, due to the almost two-long years banning of the aircraft, the transmission date was pushed pretty far.

Ryanair is one of the world’s largest Boeing 737 operators; the giant airlines had put an order of over 200 Boeing 737 MAXs which has been a major milestone for the company paving the future with high-performing, cost-efficient big vessels.

As of now, Ryanair is expecting ten more of the Boeing 737 MAX to be delivered by Boeing in 2021 and an additional 50 more of the lot by the first half of 2022. Among which five have been allocated for Malta Air, the Ryanair subsidiary is expected to receive four other designated 737 MAX 200 vessels by summer this year. 

First Boeing 737 MAX With Malta Air Livery

Ryanair has transferred 120 of its aircraft to its Maltese AOC, making the latest addition Boeing 737 MAX the first-ever aircraft to wear the Malta Air colors. Ryanair had previously revealed that they would be transferring their aircraft based in Malta Air to a new company replacing the Maltese AOC with aircraft based in France, Italy, and Germany branches. All of the Boeing 737s owned by Malta Air have come from its parent company, Ryanair, where they were delivered in the LCC’s livery.

Originally the giant airlines’ group had no plans to repaint the Boeing 737 MAX that it picked for its branch airline, as most of the aircraft owned by the airlines are low-cost models. However, the delivery of the new aircraft opened up an opportunity for the aircraft to wear a different color as it had to be repainted and cost-wise it wouldn’t make any difference, so Ryanair decided to add the  Malta Air livery on the new aircraft to represent the airlines it would be serving.

The company also has plans for placing the initial livery of its subsidiary airlines to their respective 737 MAX 200 aircraft, all of its three current airlines brands across Europe. The new Boeing 737 MAX 200 will be wearing the main brand logo Ryanair, the Buzz Airline logo based in Poland, including the Malta Air logo.

The subsidiary airlines of the Ryanair group was established in June 2019; the airlines later received its Operator Certificate (AOC) and Air Operator License (AOL), making it the 37th airline operating in Malta.

Ryanair will be the first airline to operate the Boeing 737 MAX 200 variant with increased revenue potential aspects and 20% better fuel efficiency per seat than any other single-aisle aircraft in the present market. Not only that, the airlines even led its way in the development of the Boeing 737 MAX 200 model with over 200 orders of the variant having 197 passengers seats by 2021.

Regarding the low-cost sector gamechanger, 737 MAX 200, the CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, had previously stated that it was their honor to be part of the innovative changes the Boeing low-cost variant was bringing to the aviation sector. With the help of these cost-efficient game-changing aircraft, Ryanair had initial plans to expand its fleet to 520 aircraft by the end of 2024, creating more than 3,000 job opportunities in the aviation industry in Europe.

Malta Air 737 MAX

The previous generation of the Boeing 737-800 had only 189 seats, which were configured with more seats utilizing the wide-body aspect of the single-aisle jetliner in the MAX 200 variant. The new Boeing 737 MAX 200 also has an additional emergency exit compared to the conventional variant to safely accommodate passengers. However, due to that reason for having an additional emergency exit in the aircraft, Ryanair has separate certification requirements to get its operator certificate. After obtaining AOC and AOL for its latest aircraft, the airline is expected to put its new Boeing 737 aircraft in the service promptly. 

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