Boeing set to fly World’s Largest Plane Engine

American Aircraft Company, Boeing in coordination with General Electric is preparing for world’s largest GE9X engine for takeoff.

Earlier this week, the two companies mounted the gargantuan engine onto a Boeing 747-400 flying testbed in California, and are in final phase to begin the flights at the end of the year. The engine will be used on upcoming Boeings 777X.

Not only will the engine be the largest GE has ever built, it will also be the quietest and produce the lowest emissions. It consists the thinnest fan blades, the most powerful compressor in aviation and 3D printed brand new parts which boast a host of other superlatives.

The engine was in the development stage for past five years. It is capable of producing 1,00,000 pound of thrust. The inside fan of the engine is 11 feet diameter and its outside measures 14.5 feet across.

The engines could be installed on the first 777X next year and Boeing hopes to test its first 777-9 aircraft (the first in the 777X series) in early 2019. The “mini-jumbo” jet is predicted to enter service sometime in 2020. This predicts to make the 777X world’s “largest and most efficient twin-engine jet,” according to the company. Airlines like Etihad, Emirates, and Lufthansa have already placed orders.

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