Boeing test team traced a giant 787 in the sky

The giant aircraft manufacturer Boeing spent 18 hours 1 min drawing an airplane in the sky. The company was testing an upgraded engine for its 787 Dreamliner for long endurance flights and reliability. The flight planners designed a flight route that looked like one of Boeing Dreamliner jets.

The route started in Seattle heading east late Wednesday afternoon. But the fun really started over the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, when the Dreamliner started heading south as it began to trace the shape of an airplane.

The wingtips stretched from Michigan to Texas while its nose touched Wyoming and its tail was in Alabama by the Thursday morning.

Despite storms in the Upper Midwest, Boeing managed to complete its tracing over 22 states pointing its plane towards Boeing’s home region of the Pacific Northwest. Flightradar24 tweeted, “Because the Boeing Airplanes 737 MAX’s ‘MAX’ needed a gif too.”

Boeing has undertaken creative flights before. Earlier in the year it traced an enormous ‘737 Max’ over the U.S., and another time it was the company logo. Another flight took a route that flew over all 48 states in the contiguous United States.

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