Boeing Vs Airbus, Which of these is the best, detailed overview

Boeing Vs Airbus, What do you think which one is good Boeing or Airbus? Which manufacturer seems to be more popular? So today we’re going to answer a very frequently asked aero geeks query about Boeing Vs Airbus.

There can be loss or profit, Aero Market is quite a big industry. Manufacturing aircraft is something that needs tremendous support and a strong technical team. Some of the world’s leading manufacturers include Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, etc. Furthermore, Boeing and Airbus have ruled the aerospace industry with more orders than any other manufacturers in the last two decades. Today two aerospace companies-Boeing and Airbus-dominate the commercial aviation market.

Boeing’s history

To illustrate on the subject of Boeing Vs Airbus we should begin with Boeing’s history. The Boeing Company was founded in 1916 as Aero Products Company in Seattle, Washington, by American entrepreneur William E. Boeing. The organization was renamed Boeing Airplane Company in 1917. The company initially developed US Navy aircraft followed by aircraft such as pursuit aircraft, patrol bombers, and torpedo planes.

Boeing designed the Mono-mail in the early 1930s, a low-wing all-metal monoplane for the purpose of transporting the mail. During and after World War II, Boeing was known for its military aircraft such as B-17, B19, and B314, etc.

A B-17G performing at the 2014 Chino Airshow , Photo Source:

Subsequently, the Air Mail Act of 1934 prevented airlines and manufacturers from operating under the same corporate umbrella, thereby splitting the corporation into three smaller companies: Boeing Airplane Corporation, United Airlines, and United Aircraft Corp. William Boeing sold off his shares after the collapse of United Aircraft, and left Boeing.

Boeing produced their first-ever jetliner B707. It was the first jet to be widespread and is often credited with beginning the Jet Age. It dominated passenger air transport in the 1960s and remained common through the 1970s, on domestic, transcontinental, and transatlantic flights. However, in 1964 and 1970, B737 and B747 were produced, which caused production issues that resulted in near bankruptcy. However, with 400 seats and stronger engines, the Boeing 747 was the highest-selling commercial airline of all time and known as the Queen of Skies. Also, B737 is the best-selling commercial aircraft in aviation history. Boeing produced B757 in 1982 since they started to produce updated B727 trijet aircraft. Then B757 was however produced into numerous variants of which the first user of B757-200 M was Nepal Airlines.

United Nation Boeing 767 approaching Kathmandu.

Boeing launched their second large body aircraft B767 in the same year with a configuration like A300B, its main concern was short takeoff and landing and fuel-efficient. Boeing introduced their version B777 which played a key role in the A340 failure. B777 started operations in 1990. This was one of Boeing ‘s popular complete large body aircraft. Boeing subsequently acquired MacDonnell Douglas at $3bn in 1997. Then, after the Boeing 777 success, Boeing 787, or commonly known as Dream Liner, was introduced in 2011. The Dreamliner used composite carbon wings with extended range and greater fuel efficiency.

Boeing launched the B737 MAX in 2016 with more range and fuel efficiency, which became Boeing’s most disastrous aircraft ever made as two planes crashed in the span of just 6 months. As of now, Boeing is releasing its B777X aircraft, which is improving the B777 variant and the world’s most anticipated aircraft.

Airbus History – Boeing Vs Airbus

American companies such as Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, and Lockheed rose in size and popularity around the world at the time. There were hardly any aero manufacturers in Europe that could compete at that time. In 1969, French and German governments decided to lead a consortium that would manufacture aircraft that would compete against the Boeing. The consortium has agreed to develop the Airbus A300 from the very beginning which made its first sale on 3 September 1970.

Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A300B4 with registration AP-BCP

Airbus then took the A300B on an international sales tour. But, even after securing orders from global airlines likes Lufthansa, South African Airways, Thai Airways, and Korean Air, Airbus was not getting in the US. However, in 1978 Airbus offered Eastern Airlines (US airlines) four A300s for a complimentary six-month trial. Frank Broman (CEO of Eastern Airlines) ordered 23 more Airbus A300s after 6 months. However, Airbus didn’t become a global power until the arrival of the single-aisle A320. It was the company’s first all-new design since the A300. Airbus launched a new version of the A320 called the A321 in 1989.

In 1992 the A330 a twin-engine aircraft was launched. The A340, with a quad engine which was introduced, proved a commercial failure with only 377 sold. On the other hand, the A330 remains the company’s best-selling large body aircraft with more than 1,700 delivered so far. In the early 1990s, Airbus agreed to go after Boeing 747-400. The double-decker A380 is the largest commercial airliner in the world launched in 2000. However, since the early 2000s, Airbus has managed to sell fewer than 300 A380s, resulted in reverse gear sales.

Photo: Airbus A220 with an Air Baltic livery landed in Nepal for the performance demonstration tour

Airbus unveiled an all-new twin-engine, large-body long-haul airliner entitled the A350XWB in December 2006, in which XWB stands for Extra Wide Body. This aircraft became renowned for new wings made from carbon composite. Featuring new wings, avionics, and engines, Airbus introduced an improved second version of the A320 branded as the A320neo, where Neo stands for New Engine Option. Airbus launched the 2nd generation neo version of its iconic A330 in 2014. Airbus took complete ownership of Bombardier’s C Series program in July 2018 and re-branded the groundbreaking carbon composite jet like the A220.

Competition Boeing Vs Airbus

The Boeing-Airbus rivalry started when Airbus offered four A300s to Eastern Airlines for a free six-month trial; the airlines liked the aircraft and ordered 23 more aircraft. It shows Airbus began floating in US market after order of 25 A320 aircraft from Jet Blue. Later, Airbus hired John Leahy from Piper in 1985, and was appointed as Airbus company’s global head of sales by 1994.

Boeing launched the B737 in 1968, the most popular aircraft series in the world. Airbus produced A320 after 20 years in 1988, with design, range, and seat capacity like B737.Boeing introduced B777 onto the market in the late 90s. This aircraft had a long-range and more seating capacity than Airbus 340, which was introduced in 1982. Later Boeing introduced their B787 which became famous until airbus launched their A350 which later conducted the longest commercial flight in the history of aviation. Airbus launched their A320neo, which is the improved version of the A320 that was successful, but the Boeing 737 MAX could not be illuminated like the A320neo due to a recent crash resulting all the B737 Max to grounded.

People Thoughts regarding Boeing Vs Airbus

People speak their particular way about Boeing Vs Airbus. According to reports, more people do prefer airbus than Boeing, as they have fewer fatal accidents than Boeing. Boeing is older than 100 while the airbus is just over 50 years old. Yet Boeing is double the airbus era and Boeing flew more than the airbus which certainly increases the crash rate. It is not true that either airbus or Boeing is better, both are therefore equally better. An aircraft is a machine and the people are held to minimize them.


The biggest hindrance for Airbus and Boeing at present is COVID-19, which has hit all businesses. Lower numbers of aircraft have been manufactured in this time, and several aircraft are therefore grounded by the airlines due to the pandemic. Statista has stated that deliveries of aircraft through sharp decline throughout the COVID-19 crisis. As of June 30, 2020, it confirms that 196 aircraft were delivered by the Airbus and it was only 70 for Boeing.

China’s Commercial Aircraft Cooperation also known as COMAC unveiled the very first narrow-body aircraft called C919 with the same design and features as the A320neo and B737 Max. With the launch of C919 in 2021, it might be a problem for both Boeing and airbus as they might be at risk of losing orders of narrow-body aircraft. As of 2018 C919 has approximately 305 orders that are in compliance. COMAC also planned C929 with the support of Russia’s United Aircraft Cooperation, which is a wide-body aircraft to be launched in 2028 in order to compete against Boeing and Airbus.

Photo: Russian MC-21 aircraft

Not just this, The new Russian jetliner MC-21 fitted with Aviadvigatel PD-14 and Pratt & Whitney PW1400G engine anticipated to be Boeing’s and Airbus’s competitor has successfully performed several test flights on 2017. This aircraft is supposed to be in the market from 2020. The delivery date can however be extended because of COVID-19.

MC-21, Russian narrow-body twin-engine aircraft manufactured United Aircraft corporation, Irkutsk, a United Aircraft Corporation and designed by Irkut corporation and Yakovlev Design Bureau. In summer 2016 the prototype of the first MC-21 aircraft was shown.

Rostec claims that MC-21 will take off in 2020 with the PD-14 engine. Rostec’s 1st deputy general manager, Vladimir Artyakov, had said progress is underway to ensure that Irkut MC-21 with PD-14 engines did the very first test flight throughout 2020. More than 175 orders from various airlines have been placed for this aircraft.

Present Status for both Bowing and Airbus

Instead of COVID, several flights are declining and Boeing and airbus both have too fewer orders. Both manufacturers are having difficult time because of lower income, and there are many workers who need to be compensated. According to BBC, both airbus and Boeing have cut jobs by 15,000 workers each because of COVID consequences.

Airbus reported that just 1 order was canceled in Q1 (Jan-Mar) where Boeing reported 186 order where almost all were B737 Max.

Their revenues decreased to US$ 11.18 billion according to Boeing’s official web site and net profit declined to US$ 2.4 billion in H2 (January-July). For the latest Airbus financial report, their revenues decreased to euro 18 billion and the net profits dropped to euro 1.9 billion after 16 years in H2 (January-July).

Finally, both Airbus and Boeing have a colorful past and challenges in the world. They are both popular aerospace manufacturers with more prestige than any other company.

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