Bomb Hoax: Air Berlin flight with 170 passengers onboard to Hamburg.

Bomb Hoax: Air Berlin flight with 170 passengers onboard to Hamburg.

21 June, 2016 – A group proclaiming itself “ Isamic Calliphate in Europe” means a bomb had been placed on an arriving plane after received by police authority ,  all flights in and out Hamburg in Germany were completely grounded.

The unknown emailed urged there was a bomb on an Air Berlin flight, which had 170 passengers along with seven crew members that was taken off from Munich and was en route to Hamburg when police got the email with “the Islamic Caliphate in Europe” threaten suffered Hamburg airport.

Authority strictly grounded all into and out flights of Hamburg airport before bomb suspected jet made its safe land. An Air Berlin Airbus A320 was made to position distance far from the airport and other planes for security check purpose.

Police along with sniffer dogs were circulated in pursue for any explosives at aircraft or inside any luggage but eventually turned out to be bomb hoax email.

A Germany police spokesman said: “The risk of an attack was valued high and our mobilization of security deployed, you can surely figure out about our height of seriousness about the threat.”



An investigation to find out those responsible for dropping such hoax email on Sunday afternoon has been setup by state security.


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