Bomb threat: Lukla Airport temporarily shut down.

Bomb threat  threat: Lukla Airport temporarily shut down.

Updated: It has been reported, the Lukla Airport made force shut down after bomb threat suspected on Simrik Airlines aircraft. As per the D.S.P of solukhumbu “a chit of paper with bomb threat note was found by the cabin crew, on the lodge takeout process.”

But as per the Coordinator of Simrik Airlines Prajwal Thapa “Though a chit of paper noted bomb threat was found, but after the long absolute search made by Police nothing was found apparently.

As per the Simrik Airlines, the schedule flight of Simrik Airlines aircraft is 6 am from TIA, Kathmandu  but today it took off for lukla at 7: 18 am. There were 10 passengers on board.  


After the Bomb threat suspected, the Lukla Airport has shut down temporarily.

The suspicion about the bomb thread spread among the airport after a bomb written in the piece of paper inside the premises of  airport found.

Shortly, the technical team from Kathmandu is flying there to find the exact condition.

Details report yet to come

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