Bombardier CS300 made a successful first test flight on Friday

15:58 EST Bombardier CS300 made a successful first test flight on Friday. The Bombardier CS300 took off from Montreal-Mirabel International airport at 11:00 Eastern Standard time and arrived at 15:58 EST touching an altitude of forty-one thousand feet. Rob Dewar, Vice president of Bombardier‘s CSeries program said “The Bombardier CS300 can with 160 passengers and the aircraft will be in service from the end of 2015.”

Bombardier CS300
Bombardier has endured setbacks building up the CSeries line with expense overwhelms and deferrals, including a powerplant fire during ground testing last May. The organization likewise stopped its Learjet 85 system in January to help center its endeavors on the CSeries. “We’ve been battling; we have had our offer of difficulties due to simply the immaculate workload of growing such a perplexing and cutting edge flying machine. At the same time we’re drawing near to the objective line so I like where we are,” CEO Alain Bellemare told reporters.

Bombardier CSeries jets officially renamed as Airbus A220-300

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