Both Nijgad and Tribhuvan International Airport work are carried together.

Both Nijgad and Tribhuvan International Airport work are carried together.

The dispute between Investment Board and the Ministry of Tourism, which was holding the construction of Nijgad International Airport now after the set of High level committee the work, is now moving forward.

The similar dispute of Civil Aviation Authority, was too holding the work of Tribhuvan International Airport further onward both Airports work is moving forward safely according to the Investment Board.

About three years ago, the council of Ministers decided to carry out the construction of an International Airport in the Nijgad was handover to the Investment board but the Ministry of Tourism proclaimed as the work falls under their section, apparently led the big chaos.

The enhancement work of Tribhuvan International Airport stop as dispute between the civil aviation authority and jurisdiction was going on.

However, the investment Board meeting on Monday, ahead of both airports work together to increase after the formation of the high level committee to accelerate the construction work of the board. According to the Chief Execute Officer Radesh Panta.


He said. ‘Tourism Minister for planning commission vice chairman, related to the Ministry Secretaries, Civil Aviation Authority chief and even I also become a committee, both Tribhuvan International Airport and Nijgad Airport’s working will be carried onward shortly.

Nijgad international airport is been constructed in three phases and to built the construction about 6 – 7 hundred billion rupees and for upgrading the Tribhuvan International airport is expected to take about 50 billion. Both airports to promote the work will be started in a few days as panta saying.

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