Breeze Airways, a new US domestic airlines set to fly from 2021

The founder of JetBlue is introducing a new domestic airline called Breeze Airways. The founder of JetBlue, David Neeleman, delayed the new airlines‘ deadline due to the outbreak and expected it to fly in 2021. The airlines have already obtained approval from the Federal Aviation Administration and have a strong executive team. The company hired the sets of Pilots and flight dispatchers and arranged adequate funding for new operations.

The airline has expected to travel into underserved airports in the Southeastern United States’ smaller cities by March 2021.

Who is David Neelman

Among the other four commercial airlines, Morris Air, WestJet, Azul Brazilian Airlines, and Breeze Airways, David Neelman is the founder of JetBlue Airways. In June 2019, David confirmed the introduction of a new US carrier named Breeze Airways.

Fleets details of Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways fleets details

On July 17, 2018, Breeze Airways intended to get 60 A220-300 aircraft while signing an MOU with Airbus. Breeze also decided to sublease up to 30 Embraer E195 from Azul Brazilian Airlines to operate short-haul routes. From March 2021, Breeze will begin operations with Embraers. Airbus will start the delivery of A220-300 from August 2021.

Flight routes

Breeze would plan to travel seven routes beginning in March 2021. Breeze has not yet announced the name of the airport but has confirmed that three are from a Southeastern United States airport and the other four airports even heading south in the northeast, southeast, and southern area

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