Breeze airways landed Akron-Canton for the first time

Breeze Airways, an American-based startup airline, took off to Akron-Canton Airport and arrived on June 26 from Tampa, Florida. The inbound aircraft landed at 5:35 p.m., just enough time to board 75 passengers, the aircraft flew back at 6:00 p.m to Tampa.

Water cannons and jazz bands greeted passengers coming from Tampa at Akron-Canton airport. Many guests, including Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce President and Chief Executive Dennis Saunier, were invited to watch the approaching Breeze aircraft land and taxi beneath a water cannon salute. It took off from Tampa, Florida, looped around Stark County’s northeast, then approached the airport from the north before landing on runway 19.

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Breeze Airway flew between Akron-Canton and Charleston with a 108-seat Embraer E190 aircraft. On its first trip to the airport, the Embraer E190 plane carried roughly 75 people. Akron-Canton Airport was the sixth destination for Breeze.

Flights between New Orleans and Huntsville, Virginia; Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia; Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma; Akron/Canton, Ohio; Charleston, South Carolina; Louisville, Kentucky; and Bentonville/Fayetteville, Arkansas will begin with Breeze’s formal beginning of service. The service between New Orleans and Columbus, Ohio, started on July 16.

The Charleston flight is available four times a week, on Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays, making it ideal for long weekends. Flights to New Orleans are available twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays, and once a week, on Saturdays.

“Breeze’s business strategy is a wonderful match,” said Ren Camacho, the first of seven presenters at the press conference.

Despite this, Lisa Dalpiaz, vice president of marketing and air service development for Akron-Canton, believes Breeze will not immediately attract many Cleveland passengers because all three markets – Charleston, Tampa, and New Orleans – are now served from Hopkins.

Officials in Akron-Canton were clearly thrilled when Breeze announced that the airport would be joining its network in May. Breeze had been in talks with the airport since 2019.

Since 2012, the number of travelers traveling between Akron and Canton has steadily decreased. Southwest’s purchase of AirTran Airways was a major influence. In the mid-1990s, the airline began serving Akron-Canton as ValuJet and expanded to become the airport’s major carrier.

Breeze’s decision to serve Akron-Canton was the product of collaboration between state and local agencies, according to JobsOhio President and CEO J.P. Nauseef, who announced in May. It also demonstrates that an airport is still a viable option for travelers in Northeast Ohio.

Breeze serves to 16 destinations, including Norfolk and Richmond in Virginia, San Antonio in Texas, Pittsburgh, and Columbus in Ohio. The carrier’s fleet of 11 planes is now limiting it. Breeze is set to receive the first of hundreds of new, larger Airbus jets later this year, allowing the airline to expand its reach to long haul destinations, including the West Coast.

Flight services with Breeze airways

Breeze operates 13 Embraer Airplanes that can accommodate between 108 and 118 passengers depending on the configuration.

Breeze promises to deliver clients to their destination twice as fast for half the price.

Breeze does not provide a phone number that travelers can call if they have any difficulties or questions. All messages are sent via Facebook Messenger, email, or SMS. Other services, including baggage and advanced seat assignments, are charged extra by Breeze.

Breeze offers “Nicer” fare, including a bag, seat assignment, and a seat in the plane’s first 12 rows, which provide extra 4-plus inches of legroom.

With flights linking 16 locations in the Midwest, Southeast, Southwest, and along the East Coast, the airline focuses on four cities: Charleston, South Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa, and Norfolk, Virginia.

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