Britain too to impose ban on electronic devices in flight


Britain too to impose ban on electronic devices in flight

March 22, 2017-London


The British Officials have decided to follow up US step and ban passengers from Middle East countries to carry electronic devices in flights connecting the Britain.

British officials took the dramatic decision of banning the electronic device just a day after its countering partner the US came up with such decision.

None of the British and American Officials has yet disclosed the reason behind the ban. But it is believed that the action is taken to get rid of serious aircraft attacks.

British Officials have imposed the ban on Middle Eastern airlines namely Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airways, Atlas-Global Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Egypt AirRoyal Jordanian Airlines, Tunis Air and Saudi Airlines.

The ban will also affect the passengers traveling with the British Airways, EasyJet Airlines, Airlines, Monarch Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines and Thomson Airlines which connects the country with the Middle East.

As been reported, a group of terrorist from Islamist Al-Shabaab group had tried to bring down a jet in Somalia using a laptop bomb. So the western superpowers have come up with the decision to prevent such terrorist bomb attacks.

The new rules of banning the electronic devices introduced in the UK are brought by the intelligence agency similar to the U.S.

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