British Airways first Boeing 787-10 hand over and 787-10 Facts

British Airways’ very first Boeing 787-10 is lastly being hand over after a half-year hold-up. The aircraft with registered G-ZBLA landed at its own home “London Heathrow” at 11:50 on 28 June 2020. British Airways has waited a long to get its very first Boeing 787-10.

The aircraft was scheduled to be hand over to the British flag carrier “British Airways” in January 2020, with entry to service targeted for February. However, around half a year later, the brand-new aircraft has ultimately completed its first journey throughout the Atlantic Ocean to its new home.

British Airways B787-10 Cabin Layout , Photo : Boeing

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Boeing 787-10 Five Facts

The 787-10 version was not in schedule to prepare by Boeing
Initially just the 787-3, 787-8 and 787-9 were introduced. According to Customer need for a larger variation conduced to launch of the 787-10 in June 2013.

Singapore Airlines is the world’s very first operator of the 787-10
Singapore Airlines is the operator to operate the new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner for the first time. Boeing has delivered its 1000th 787 Dreamlinear 787-10 with registration 9V-SCP to Singapore Airlines landed Singapore on 3 April 2020.

It runs out of steam after about 10 hours
No additional fuel capability was outlined into the 787-10 equated to the 787-9, so its range is over 2,000 km has reduced than existing 787 versions– and the A350-900. That’s why Singapore Airlines is operating this new Dreamliner only for short routes up to around 8 hours. The 787-10 literally has a much shorter range than both the 787-8 and 787-9. Nevertheless, due to its far greater capacity of travelers and freight, it indicates that airlines can use its efficiency on routes where there is more need.

Boeing will deliver initial two 787-10 to Singapore Airlines for Testing purpose
The first 2 787-10 ever before constructed flew by Boeing for 900-hour flight test project.The simple modification is in process to embodied on both aircraft and after it will be provided to Singapore Airlines as 9V-SCG and 9V-SCH in August and October this year.

Enhanced cabin air
Thanks to a new air purification system, the 787-10 boasts much better air pressure as well as moisture, assisting passengers deal with dryness and exhaustion on lengthy flights.


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