British Airways forced to cancel maximum flights due to heavy snow

British Airways has cancelled flights to Heathrow for reinstating its operations which was close down because of snowfalls. Around hundreds of flights have been cancelled and 1,00,000 passengers are stranded.

Approximately   300 British Airways departures and arrivals at Heathrow have been ashore and Many European destinations were grounded on Sunday and Monday. Several outgoing long-haul services were revoked which includes five New York alone plus departures to Mumbai, Rio, Beijing and Tokyo.

Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds-Bradford and Newcastle are the UK routes selected for further cancellations counting Dublin, Berlin and Rome.

There was crowd disappointment after continuous flight cancelled at terminal 5 at the day time. Passenger flying from Dubai to Glasgow faced a five hours delay with three hour wait on arrival for a gate to accept the aircraft, arrived at the Scottish City at 9 am on Monday.

“We then came into the airport, there was nobody to speak to, the queues were miles long,” one of the passengers reported.

Sarah Griffiths reported: “My parents are still stuck at Pisa airport from Sunday evening. A BA rep finally appeared yesterday evening and they were taken to a hotel. This morning they were told the first flight available would be on Tuesday, but then they were told to be at reception in one hour’s time.”

Other passengers arriving from Copenhagen, St Petersburg and Mumbai, who ultimately arrived 24 hours late, following flight from India had spent the night at Frankfurt.  The flight to the Tyrol carrying Skiers took off unfortunately had to divert to Munich due to bad weather at the Austrian airport.

A spokesperson said: “We are very sorry that customers continue to suffer from the disruption to flights at Heathrow caused by the severe weather conditions that have affected airports across northern Europe.

Time spent on de-icing aircraft to ensure safe operation plus air traffic control restrictions and the repositioning of aircraft and crews from yesterday have led to further cancellations and delays.

A British Airways aircraft under De-icing procedure at Heathrow Airport

“We understand how frustrating this experience is for customers and we are offering refunds for those who no longer wish to travel from Heathrow today or tomorrow regardless of whether their flight is cancelled or not.

“We are also offering the opportunity for anyone not wishing to travel today or tomorrow to rebook their flight up until 18 December.”

Amsterdam, Brussels and Nice were also severely disrupted by wintry conditions. Some social media speeded rumour that the British Airways had no de-icing fluid but was completely denied by the airline.

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