British Airways IT crash causes trouble for passenger

British Airways IT crash causes trouble for passenger

May 29, 2017-London


Power failure of British Airways computer systems causes major disruption for thousands of passengers worldwide. Maximum flight operation of British Airways from Heathrow and Gatwick has been canceled after the failure. The authority is currently working on to resolve the power failure

The IT failure even caused large numbers sleeping overnight in terminals and thousands of passengers even remained displaced.

The cause of the power problem has not yet been explained by the airlines’ authority.

13 short-haul flights from Heathrow have been canceled so far.

Affected BA passengers were also advised not to travel to the airport unless their flights were rebooked, or scheduled to take off today by the authorities from Heathrow.

Passengers have been requested to rebook their flights through BA website on cancellation.

Chief Executive for BA, Alex Cruz has expressed his apology to the troubled passengers by posting videos on Twitter for regretting.

The airline so far hasn’t employed any staff to answer questions about the system crash, and also hasn’t explained about the lacking backup system.

Thousands of passengers have been affected by the cancellation and delay at both Heathrow and Gatwick on Saturday.

Entire BA flights were operated from Gatwick on Sunday but only one third operated from Heathrow. Short-haul destinations were mostly canceled.

Passengers were compelled to sleep on yoga mats distributed by the airline and conference rooms were opened to provide some comfort.


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