British airways stewardess dies after catching deadly malaria following a lengthy flight

A British Airways stewardess has died after she was infected with deadly malaria in Africa. After a lengthy tedious flight from Heathrow to Accra, Ghana, she was seemingly feeling ill. She, along with other cabin crews was understood to have stayed in a city hotel in Accra.

The stewardess hasn’t been named after what it was seemingly an internal investigation going on how she got infected. British airways officials have maintained“confidentiality” on this incident which happened earlier this month. All the crews flying to West Africa are given special anti-malarial medicines and advice on how they can protect and keep themselves away from diseases while working. Hence, this came as a distress to British Airways and all the crew members flying to Ghana. Reports suggest that the measures have been taken for the safety from now on so that a similar incident does not follow.

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