British company to conduct the pilot license exam in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a British company would conduct pilot license examinations. Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority is awarding a contract to a British company to conduct pilot license exams.

The International Civil Aviation Organization has prohibited the CAA from performing pilot license exams in response to Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan’s revelated about fake pilot licenses after the PIA aircraft accident in Karachi in 2020.

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Pakistan International Airlines

On the other side, a local flying school has spoken out against the contract being awarded to the British company. According to the flying school’s management, “The training is currently very costly, and the examination price will skyrocket once the contract is awarded to a British firm.” The school has requested a re-examination of the judgment.

Pakistani Airlines is prohibited from flying to 188 countries

Pakistani airlines faced a travel restriction to 188 countries due to a pilot license problem and a failure to adhere to international aviation standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has already been barred from flying to the United Kingdom and the European Union due to these consequences.

Over 30% of Pakistan’s civilian pilots have forged licenses and are thus unqualified to fly, the country’s aviation minister disclosed earlier.

USD 50 million in damages as a result of flying bans resulting from problems with phony pilots

As a result of the flying restriction, many nations have suffered a loss of USD 50 million during the past six months. From June 2020, flights to Italy, Spain, Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and France have been stopped.

What next

In October or November, the International Civil Aviation Organization will perform a safety assessment, which will alleviate the suspension of PIA flights to the European Union.

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