Buddha Air all flights cancelled after a Flood at Biratnagar Airport

Buddha Air all Flights cancelled after a Flood at Biratnagar Airport

Buddha Air, a competent private airliner of the country, has cancelled all their flights on Kathmandu-Biratnagar route for today and tomorrow (12 and 13 August) due to the water-logging at the Biratnagar Domestic Airport (BIR/VNVT).

Buddha Air has released the notice, that “The airline will not be conducting any of the schedule or charter flight to Biratnagar route as the airport was flooded by the Friday heavy downpour.” Buddha Air apologizes for inconvenience for their passengers travelling to Biratnagar.

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Talking with the Senior ATC officer from Birtanagar Airport, Mr. Dinesh Koirala released the information that the airport is likely to be closed for four to five days as the airport’s arrival and departure zones along with ramp and runway were flooded by the Friday downpour.

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However, the cities near Biratnagar have faced major flooding problem due to the heavy rain and Bhadrapur Airport is also likely to suffer same problem if the downpour continuous for days.


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