Buddha Air appeals safety issues to MoCTCA

Top domestic private carrier of Nepal, Buddha Air has appealed the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation regarding significant safety issues. The carrier has addressed the safety issue regarding various airports in the country where it operates.

The carrier released the statement letter directed to the ministry (MoCTCA) as well as to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) stating that it is the carrier’s duty to point out the safety issues. The carrier operates around 90 flights daily currently and is expected to increase to around 100 after it adds 2 more aircraft in between first quarter of 2019.

The airline as being a major stakeholder in aviation sector of Nepal directed the letter bringing attention over safety concern identified by the carrier as their duty and concern.

The airline also provided the detailed report to the ministry as well as civil aviation authority about the safety issues which they faced during their operation.

The airline has also requested concerned authority to address the issue. The airline believes that the major issues can be addressed immediately while other issues can be solved in course of time after CAAN is divided into 2 entities as regulator and service provider in near future.

The carrier has requested to address the issue immediately before major accident occurs helping in other aspects like tourism also.

The airline currently owns 11 aircraft that includes 2 Beechcraft B1900D, 3 ATR 42-320 and 6 ATR 72-500 series aircraft. The airline will be adding 2 more ATR 72 series aircraft to extend their flight operation to different cities of India.

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