Buddha Air appeals to make arrangement for refueling and night flights at Janakpur and Rajbiraj airport

Buddha Air, leading air carrier of Nepal which has been serving Nepali aviation sector for more than two decades have been providing flight service in State No. 2 since its flight service initiation.

According to Buddha Air’s Press Release, Buddha Air is preparing to operate flights with its ATR series aircraft to Rajbiraj airport from March 1, 2019 if there is availability of at least a fuel tanker for refueling.

Though there are 3 airports at State 2, Simara airport and Janakpur airport are only completely in operation whereas Rajbiraj airport is partially in operation.

The carrier has requested Chief Minister of State 2 to arrange refueling services at the airport. The airline also requested attention from Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment, Civil Aviation Office Rajbiraj, Civil Aviation Office Dhanusha, Civil Aviation Office Bara of State 2.

Although the place is historically famous and known as the house of Bhagawati, Rajbiraj airport however has not yet been developed being the old airport of State 2.

Regardless of blacktopping the runway of Rajbiraj airport previously, regular flights have not been operated due to several reasons.

The Press release has mentioned that there are many probabilities at Rajbiraj airport but due to lack of refueling large airline companies are not able to operate flights. The carrier concluded regarding flight at this region would be beneficial for South-Indian tourists, people of Himalaya.

The company believes that the flight from Rajbiraj airport between Janakpur and Biratnagar will bring significant benefits to the people of this region.

Buddha Air has not been able to operate flights according to demand due to lack of refueling services and night flight system at Janakpur airport located at the birthplace of Janaki Mandir .

The carrier also announced to add flight frequency at Simara airport which will help businessmen to travel in their business projects if there is refueling arrangement.

Buddha Air has appealed the mentioned points in the letter of its press release.

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