Buddha Air ATR 72; Collision with a fox at TIA

Buddha Air ATR 72; Collision with a fox at TIA

Anurup Pathak

September 14, 2016-Kathmandu

On Tuesday evening, Buddha Air ATR 72-500 flight en route from Biratnagar to Kathmandu met with a fox while entering taxi way from Runway at Tribhuvan International Airport.

Buddha Air ATR 72

The aircraft landed on 02 Runway and was on the progress to taxi way suddenly hit the fox led to a runway incursion.

The aircraft was under the command of Capt. Shailesh Mahato who encountered that the aircraft faced a collision with fox then quickly informed the ATC duty officers at TIA.

All the passengers including crew were safely evacuated.

The runway was completely splashed with the blood. All the aircraft en route Kathmandu was put on hold while Oman Air flight was diverted to Lucknow, India due to the insufficient fuel on aircraft.

After the incident, Tribhuvan International Airport was closed for second time at around 7:31 PM to 7:53 PM after the tyre burst of Nepal Airlines Airbus 320-233.

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