Buddha Air expediting the procurement of two additional ATR 72-500s

Buddha Air, the leading domestic airline company of Nepal is expediting its process to add up two more ATR 72-500 aircraft. The company will be spending Rs2 billion for obtaining two ATR 72-500 and the payment for first aircraft is already dispatched to the respective company.

Buddha Air is operating four ATR 72-500 at present. The company is expected to receive one additional ATR 72-500 by February 2018 whereas the second will arrive after 6 months of procurement of the first one.

Post the addition of two ATR 72 , one will be used for scheduled flights whereas the other will be standby to cope up with the delay problems  the airline is extensively suffering due to traffic congestion. Buddha Air in present condition is criticized of producing some delay flights compared to other private airlines of the country.

Speaking on the issue, the media officer of the company said, “We are not only having the delay problems as the country’s only international airport is heavily suffered by the congested air traffic. Buddha Air may have delays due to increasing flight frequencies which is considerable. At present situation, the company assigns only 3 to 4 flights for an aircraft per day.” After the addition of two more ATR 72s, our flight operation will enhance, he added.

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