Buddha air increasing flights to Bhadrapur

Buddha Air, leading air carrier of Nepal is set to increase flight to Bhadrapur airport which is a major hub for eastern Nepal.

The airline which is performing 2 daily flights to the airport will be operating 3 daily flights starting from February 10, 2019. The airline will add a flight in each sector.

Currently, Buddha air performs 2 flight at 9:30 am and 2:15 pm from Kathmandu and performs flight at 10:50 am and 3:35 pm from Bhadrapur.

From February 10 the airline will add flight at 4:30 pm from Kathmandu and 5:50 pm from Bhadrapur.

The airline currently owns 11 aircraft that includes 2 Beechcraft B1900D, 3 ATR 42-320 and 6 ATR 72-500 series aircraft and is adding another ATR 72-500 series aircraft.

The company has already signed an agreement with the French company Avions De Transport Regional (ATR) regarding delivery of the new aircraft.

Bhadrapur Airport had been facilitated with newly established Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) technology since February 17, 2018. And, Buddha Air has already carried out successful test flight on newly established Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). However, the VOR/DME equipment installation project which was to be inaugurated on January, 2018 had already been pushed forward by CAAN once but not accomplished it yet.

Presently, Buddha Air, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), Yeti Airlines and Shree Airlines operate in this airport. Daily 8 to 10 flights have been operating in the Kathmandu-Bhadrapur-Kathmandu based route.

Buddha air has been coming up with new schemes and operational ideas and has recently set a new record by providing services to more than 1.4 Million air passengers in one year. The airline is also extending its flight to Kolkata within couple of months and has been focusing on domestic night flights. The airline has also completed 21 years of service.

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