Buddha Air says it’s a compulsion to cancel schedule flights

Buddha Air has said it’s a Compulsion to cancel schedule flights and has requested all the passengers to understand and cope up with the persisting problem. Due to complex geographical feature, short runway, adverse weather and lack of advanced technical equipment at Airport, it is a challenge to operate safe and on time flights in Nepal.

According to the company, the flights are delayed and canceled due to lack of adequate visibility for standard operation of flights. Considering these difficulties, Buddha Air has been updating the aircraft and performing maintenance work according to the International criteria.

Recently, Buddha Air had to cancel all its flights of Kathmandu-Biratnagar routes due to poor weather conditions, the visibility at Biratnagar airport was only 2000 meters. Even Bhairahawa Airport was closed due to thick fog which was its alternative airport whereas Nepalgunj Airport was not operational due to renovation project from 3 0’clock in the afternoon.

Buddha Air is investing heavily for a safe flight. In a press release by Buddha Air, they have quoted “Cancelling the scheduled flight is the company’s compulsion and we prioritize the passenger’s safety and request to cooperate with the company’s effort.”

According to the statement, Buddha Air has said no flight other than passenger safety.

The adverse weather and lack of advanced equipment at various airport around the country has been disrupting normal flight operations.

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) flight from Kathmandu to Dhangadi was diverted to Nepalgunj Airport after the weather became unfavorable on Sunday. Only 5 minutes was left to land on Dhangadi Airport, through Tikapur, however, the flight was diverted to Nepalgunj Airport.

The passengers have been in trouble following frequent flight delays and cancellations.

Japanese International Corporation (JICA) is repeatedly demanding a land to install VOR/DME equipment but the land owner are refusing to provide land because of low land compensation. Due to lack of land, the process of installing the VOR/DME which can help to conduct flight at low visibility has not started. Even after the land acquisition, the installment of equipment might take 6 months so the same problem will occur in the next winter.

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