Buddha Air to start its flight operation from Pokhara

After the success of the airline’s flight operation from its TIA Kathmandu based main station, Buddha Air has now scheduled to start its flight operation from Pokhara. Airlines focusing on the current issue of road construction going on at Narayanghat- Mugling highway has planned to start direct flight operation from Pokhara to Bharatpur and Bhairahawa from 15 September.

At present entire passengers traveling to Pokhara from Bhairahawa and Bharatpur through the Muglin-Narayanghat roadway have been obstructed by long traffic caused by the on-going constructional work at the highway section. The roadway journey which generally takes 5 hours to reach Pokhara from Bharatpur usually takes about 10 hours these days. Currently, none of the airline’s operator conducts direct flight from Bharatpur to Pokhara which has compelled both domestic and foreigner to use the obstructed roadway to reach their desired destination.

Buddha Air analyzing the current road issue has decided to start their direct Pokhara-Bhirahawa and Pokhara-Bharatpur commercial flights operation to support the travelers. As been reported, the airlines have planned to conduct regular two flights to Bhairahawa and Bharatpur from Pokhara each starting from 15 September.

Buddha will be starting the direct flight operation from Pokhara with Beech 1900D aircraft. Besides the airlines has also decided to conduct a mountain flight from Pokhara prior flying to Bharatpur and Bhairahawa every day with the Beech aircraft.

The ticketing price marked by Buddha for Pokhara’s Mountain flight is 112 American currencies. Likewise, passengers flying with Nepali and Indian nationality to Bharatpur from Pokhara have to pay Nrs. 3655 including airport tax and citizens from rest part of the world will be charged with 111 USD per each take off.

Buddha considering the flow of tourist in entire three tourism sites has decided to conduct the flights to ease both foreign and domestic travelers with comfort and time. The Beech 1900D aircraft will reside in Pokhara to conduct flight to the mountains, Bhairahawa and Bharatpur.

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