Buddha Air to add two ATR 72 aircraft by 2021

Buddha Air, which has a significant share of Nepal’s domestic industry, is introducing two more new aircraft. Buddha, who has 13 aircraft, is about to bring two additional ATR 72 aircraft.

Buddha stated that one aircraft would arrive by January 15, and another will take some time.” The agreed aircraft is supposed to arrive by January 15,” said Rupesh Joshi, Buddha Air’s spokesperson. “It will take some time for the next aircraft to arrive.”

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Buddha Air new ATR - Aviation Nepal
Buddha Air new ATR – Aviation Nepal

Buddha had started the process to take new aircraft before the Covid 19 outbreak, but it was halted.

The company’s goal is to fly to various destinations based on a regional airport.

The organization currently has 13 aircraft, which include eight ATR-72s, three ATR-42s, and two Beechcraft. Joshi said the company’s number of aircraft would reach 15 as soon as two more ATR-72 series aircraft will get added.

Buddha Air conducted daily flights to numerous destinations, including Pokhara, Bhairahawa, Biratnagar, Bhadrapur, Simara, Janakpur, Nepalgunj, Bharatpur, and Dhangadhi.

The company operates flights from Nepalgunj to Benaras, India.

The Managing Director of Buddha Air, Birendra Basnet, said that the aircraft would operate in the STOL route within a year. He says the organization is evaluating whether to introduce a twin-engine or another plane in the STOL route.

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