Buddha Air to fetch ATR 72-500 by the end of January

Buddha Air, a domestic carrier at Domestic Ramp
Buddha Air, a domestic carrier at Domestic Ramp

Buddha Air to fetch ATR 72-500 by the end of January

November 28, 2016- Kathmandu

The prime airline company, Buddha Air is about to include two more aircraft to its fleet. Two of the ATR 72-600 which is flying is the European sky but will be flying around the Nepalese airspace is slated to arrive around 18th of January to 25th of January.

According to Operations Manager Mr. Subarna Kharel, the airline company has to undergo the five phases of expansion work as per the regulation of the CAAN who important part would be the fleet expansion which will require Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for operating ten aircraft from its previous permission to conduct eight and will arrive until Friday. Mr. Kharel added that to obtain the loan for the purchase of the aircraft, Nepalese banks have shown interest and will likely provide the required amount.

A technical team of the airlines along with an officer of CAAN will be going to inspect the aircraft. After all the procedures will be completed, the aircraft will likely be on service from March next year.

Buddha Air getting advanced with meteorological services

Mr. Kharel along with the flight instructor Mr. Angelu Sherpa recently attended a 10 days conference in Japan about the meteorological equipment and weather services which included sixty airline companies from around the world including all the companies from China and Japan. The airline company, Buddha Air, which has subscribed real time satellite images of weather en route to its destination airports from Japan Weather News at a cost of $60,000 which quite costly and the visit was also through in order to negotiate about the additional services.

Buddha Air to add tracking system to its aircraft

After the Malaysian Airlines got lost near the South China Sea strangely and wasn’t found for a very long time which created quite a ruckus, made International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to comply tracking system into the aircraft. Buddha Air is on research to incorporate the required tracking system just like the rotary aircraft which will be decided on Friday and the system will be incorporated by 2019 according to Mr. Kharel.


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