Buddha Air to increase investment in agriculture sectors

Buddha Air, which has already established a strong identity in Nepalese aviation, has started making large investments in agriculture by expanding the scope of investment. Buddha Air will set up big ‘rice mills’ in seven different places of the country.

The company has stated that it is expanding its investment to increase its contribution in agriculture and expand its business scope. Rice mills will be set up in seven states. Buddha Air had started mechanization in agriculture by establishing Nepal Agriculture Company in Morang a decade ago.

Managing Director of Buddha Air, Birendra Bahadur Basnet, said that the work is now being carried out in a more systematic and expanded manner. He informed that rice would be produced under the Arju brand from these rice mills.

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In the first phase, Buddha Air has started setting up a modern rice mill at Dangihat in Morang and aims to produce rice from the mill in the coming winter. Arju Rice Mill has been set up in Belbari of Morang to produce different rice varieties as per the demand of the customers in the market. The mill aims to produce 8,000 tonnes of prepared rice annually.

According to Basnet, Buddha is investing up to Rs 200 million for the Arju Rice Mill. He said that the rice mill is being brought into operation to industrialize agriculture and make proper use of the paddy grown in the lands of many farmers.

Basnet said that they are working to modernize traditional farming and help reduce rice imports by increasing production. In Jhapa, Morang, and Sunsari, paddy will be cultivated on 350,000 bighas of land, and rice mills have been set up in the area, said Basnet.

Buddha Air has informed that the mill will be operational by next winter and the rice produced from the mill will be sent to the market under the brand ‘Arju.’ The produced rice will be cheap and of good quality, as it will go directly to the consumer’s house, said Basnet.

According to him, paddy will be cultivated on the farmer’s land under the supervision of his company, and the company will guarantee to buy it from the beginning. Basnet said they would take the farmers forward in paddy farming and make rice by bringing the paddy produced there to their mills.

He also informed that arrangements are being made to provide loans to the farmers for paddy cultivation, and the farmers will get money immediately in every season. According to Basnet, Buddha has even set up a commercial bank to provide loans to farmers for the project.

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