Buddha Air’s 9N-AJS emergency landing: No problem with the engine

Buddha Air’s 9N-AJS emergency landing: No problem with the engine 

Sumesh Shrestha – A Buddha Air’s airplane made an emergency landing at Biratnagar on Friday, as a consequence of technical fault on the engine of aircraft in air. This airplane was Buddha Air’s ATR 72-500 series airplane with registration 9N-AJS and was flying to Kathmandu from Bhadrapur, Jhapa.

This airplane was outbound Jhapa inbound to Kathmandu but made a landing at Biratnagar Airport at 12:24 PM local time. It was carrying 66 adults and 4 children with 74 people on board including the crews.

The Chief of Civil Aviation Authority, Biratnagar, Suresh Man Singh said, “The airplane was forced to land after heat controlling system in the left engine failed in air about 15 Nautical Miles North of Biratnagar Airport.” Buddha Air’s marketing Director Rupesh Joshi said, “After a thorough inspection, it was found that there was no problem with the engine but instead indicator on the cockpit had certain problem.” However as per the rules and regulations and safety regards, the plane had to land on the nearest suitable location in such situation, which was actually done by the pilots, he added.

The passengers on this plane boarded another Buddha Air’s Airplane and flew back to Kathmandu whereas this grounded airplane went through all the checks and flew back to Kathmandu later that day carrying other passengers from Biratnagar Airport, according to Joshi.

All the airport authorities were kept standby and all emergency equipment like fire trucks, securities, ambulance, etc were mobilized against the call for an emergency landing. All other personnel’s were also kept standby for the possible emergency.

Pilots had shut down the left engine after the faulty indicator showed the faulty indications and diverted to the Biratnagar and made landing there with only one engine operating. All the preparations also had been made on ground accordingly. And a safe landing was made thereafter.

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