CAA Bangladesh delays Simrik Air new H125 helicopter’s ferry flight to Nepal


As per the highly placed source, the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh has delayed its proposal to ferry its newly purchased Airbus H125 ‘9N-AKD’ Helicopter from its transit schedule.

Simrik Air earlier had filed an application to the CAA of Bangladesh requesting the permission for ‘Ferry Flight’ but the authority has not yet provided the approval to the application stating that the Ferry Flight. This situation has delayed the arrival of the new helicopter to join its new base at Kathmandu, Nepal.

Officials from Simrik Air notified that the aircraft had left from its Airbus Helicopter Southeast Asia, Singapore on 12th of October. The aircraft had arrived at Yangon in Myanmar two days back via transiting in Subang of Malaysia, Hatyai of Thailand, Suratthani of Thailand and now has paused its ferry flight following the delay of flight permission from CAA Bangladesh. The aircraft previously was expected to land 15th of October in Nepal.

The crew members for the flight are Captain Bivek Khadka and Captain Hare Ram Thapa along with Er. Prachanda Malla for the technical team.

The aircraft with Nepalese registration ‘9N-AKD’ had arrived Suratthani in Thailand on the first day of ferry flight. The aircraft has already got the trademark livery of Simrik Air. The rotor aircraft is the new version AS 350 B3e and has full glass integrated cockpit.

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