CAAN bans on flying kites


The CAA Nepal has issued a notice to ban on flying kites near the vicinity of airport as the festive season approaches and flying kite has been observed all around the Kathmandu valley.

Dashain season is upon us again as only couples of week is left. Along with the enthusiasm to celebrate Dashain, there is high thrill to fly kites up in the sky. People fly kites for fun and for enjoying long holidays. According to the religious beliefs, kites play a role of medium to send message to Lord Indra that we have enough experiences of rainy season.

Unfortunately, sometimes flying kites can represent a threat to both the public and aviation industry. The government has decided to ban flying kites near to airport zones to minimize incident or accident. Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) issued a notice on Thursday saying that flying kite is prohibited and the authority will take action according to the law if anyone found flying kites. The authority also advised not to break law as it will be monitored in all air routes and airport zones.

According to Ministry, the notice has been issued for flight safety as aircraft will be at low height during takeoff and landings near airport zones and that could possibly create high risks of Fatal crash by bite string.

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